Our founders

Cameron Cabo

Cameron is a Junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying computer science and management of entrepreneurship in the M&T program. He's a teaching assistant for CIS 197: JavaScript, a product manager for CIS 350: Sofware Engineering, and a co-director of Penn's premiere software development club, Penn Labs.

He has experience working at companies of all sizes and in different corners of tech, from Palantir to PayPal to Honey. At each company he's worked to curate more intuitive and feature rich interfaces and experiences.

Adam Ripley

Adam completed his sophomore year at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania before taking a year off to explore technology, the world, and philosophy. He's passionate for using technology to extend how people interact with and access the world around them.

Adam has worked on a wide variety of technical and business ventures spanning physical health and wellness, e-commerce, photography, and blogging.

Our mission

Riplo was established to build products that matter year-round. We crave working on things which make us tick--which we see as having true positive impact for real users. If this lines up with what you have in mind, please reach out!